How to Design Your Man Cave with Google Sketchup

October 10, 2012


Hello everyone! Welcome to my first tutorial on how too to design a man cave using google sketchup. The first thing that we’ll have to do is actually download google sketch up and it’s free software so lets just type in sketch up in google and it should pick it up, yep. So click on the first one and you actually see Sketch Up Pro which we really don’t need because that’s very advanced we don’t want to pay $495. So we will just go to sketchup and this is actually google sketchup 8 and then you can just press download and software will be downloaded for you, so that’s the first step would have to take. Next, actually after you download and install you will see google sketchup will be downloaded as a icons here on your laptop. So, just open that up and this is the first screen that you’ll see once you launch Google Sketchup 8. So I’m just going to actually start designing the man cave and go through all the tools and kinda explained them as I design.This first tool is your select tool and its kinda like your home tool and allows you to kinda free up your mouse once you selected a different tool so it’s like your home tool and will help you move around a lot better after selecting another tool. The first thing we want to do is select the rectangle tool which with google sketchup there’s really a lot of drag and click and release. So once you kinda get used to that you’ll pick up how to draw the shapes and sizes that you want, but it is just a lot of point and click. So basically what I did was clicked and dragged and released to appropriate rectangle or square that I wanted. So again I want to go back to my selected tool and that frees up your mouse. So now we have our floor and that was pretty simple. So now we actually want to go to probably one of the most important tools in google sketchup 8 which is the push pull tool. So we’ll click on that and when you hover over a object it’ll be selective and basically just click and just move your mouse to the appropriate height that you want. And again so that we deselect that tool will go back to the select tool So now you have the floor and ceiling and walls for you man cave. So the next thing I want to show you is how to maneuver objects and so this orbit tool that I just clicked on will allow you to orbit around and basically just kind of click and move your mouse around until you get where you want to be. Then there’s this little hand tool that you can grab and move objects around. So those are the tools that causes you to move around, you can also zoom using the orbit tool if you have one of those scroll wheels on your mouse. So that’s the basic functionality for moving objects around. So now that we have are floor, walls, and ceiling, we actually want to kind of look into our man cave. So we actually want to get rid of are ceiling, so we want to select it and you can select any of the objects like the walls or ceiling, but we want to remove the ceiling and the easiest way is you could just selected it and press the delete key on your keyboard, but what I normally do is just do a right click and then it will bring this popup and then we can just select erase. And now we can see inside our man cave and is where we can actually start to build are man cave as well. Now that we have the basics of our man cave, what we want to do is go and put some components in our man cave and some materials. So if you go to windows and materials, first thing we probably want to do is add some flooring so we have tile here selected already so well puts it on the floor, but we could put it on the walls as well but we don’t want it there so we’ll put it on the floor. But we can go to colors if we want to color our walls a different color we can pick a color put that on the walls and then we can rotate with the orbit tool select the other walls so that we have all our walls the same color. So now that we have our walls and floors, we want to grab some components to put in our man cave. So click on components and this will be like google search and you put in whatever you want. You have to a pool table in your man cave and as you can see it pulled up 903 poll tables. We’ll just select the first one, and as you can see your pool table is selected and you can drag it anywhere in your man cave where you want it. Again, let me free up my mouse, so when you see the blue surrounding the object it’s selected. So say you wanted to move it somewhere else again, you would go to the move tool and then you can move it anywhere we wanted. The other thing is rotating, you may want to rotate it at a certain angle and this tool can get tricky. But you click and then you kind of rotate the dail and then you click again and then the object will rotate it so you can put it at an angle and the next click will position it exactly where you want it in your man cave. So it’s pretty simple to go ahead and add objects into your man cave. We have to have a TV in the man cave, so lets put in a TV and it should probably be a flat screen. So lets see if we have any flat screens in here? There is one so we’ll actually put it on this wall. So we have our flat screen there and we deselect and orbit and now you see our flatscreen mounted on the wall. The next thing we’d probably want to do is add a bar, you have to have a bar in the man cave. So lets search for bar and lets see which one might look good, I like that one. And it downloads and when move you mouse you’ll see that it will move into view and we can place it where it’s appropriate. This seems like a good spot. So you can start to see how easy it is to move object around in your man cave and design your cave just the way you want it. I think I’m gonna move the pool table because it looks too cluttered. So we’ll move it here. We definitely need a recliner in the man cave, so will see what we have here. I really don’t see what I want so I’ll go to the next screen, maybe this will have what I’m looking for. Here, I think that will do, so will drag that into the man cave. We probably want to rotate it, that was move so let select rotate and rotate it all the way around and move it so that it’s in front of the TV. Basically it’s really that simple to design the man cave you always dreamed of and add the component you want. You can also take this to another level with measurements and adding windows and actually a whole house. I just went through the basics just to get you started just to show you how to design your own man cave and how really simple it is. So last thing I actually wanna show you is how to save this so we’ll just go to file and export and go down to 2D graphic. And we’ll just save this as cave and then you can see you can save in different formats, I normally save in jpeg, but you can save in any of the graphical formats. So will just keep it at jpeg and export it. And actually let go take a look at it, we did cave.jpeg… and there it is! So now you can actually email it or display it on your website or whatever you want. But now you have the actual concept of what you want your man cave to be. But like I said there is just a ton of stuff in google sketchup and there’s videos and you can actually subscribe to their youtube channel and they’ll go into the details of the more advanced topics. But this will help get you started and if you want to see more examples you can go to and check us out. I will actually be doing more videos in the next few weeks and months and will actually go into more detail as well. So thanks for watching and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye!