Top 7 Gadgets Perfect For The Man Cave From CES 2017

January 15, 2017

After missing CES the last 3 years, I could hardly wait to get back to Las Vegas to attend the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show. The Las Vegas Convention Center is converted into a massive Man Cave during the first weekend in January. Consumer goods aplenty are on display to kick the tires and give a test spin. After roaming the convention floors for over 30 miles, I was able to select my lucky 7 must have devices for the Man Cave.

The 7 gadgets that made this year’s list have all been awarded for innovation during the show. So here is the top technology to upgrade your man cave:

1. LG OLED Wallpaper TV

Only 1/10th of 1 inch thick, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV won the top award at CES 2017 for “Best Of Show”. I went into a sound proof room to see this TV in action and was blown away by both the picture and sound quality. While this TV may not be in many cave dwellers price range, expected to be over $5000, it was no way to leave the LG Wallpaper TV off this list.

2. Pico Brew

Brewing beer in the man cave is a dream of many owners and with today’s advanced brewing technology you can make that dream a reality pretty easily. The PicoBrew, as known as the microwave for beer, retails for $800. I don’t consider myself a beer enthusiast, but the sample I tasted at the show was certainly on the same level as any high-quality beer I have consumed. I was actually surprised to see that a home beer brewing system won a CES award so that alone made it a no-brainer for our list.

3. Nima Bluetooth Speaker


This was the CES booth I got most excited about when I saw and heard it. The sound produced by these football helmets are incredible and unexpected. You can even mount the Nima Bluetooth Speaker on your wall. These bluetooth helments will sound and look great in your man cave for as little as $149. Pick the helmet of your favorite NFL or NCAA football team, NFL team logo helments are expected to be available in February. This was easily my top pick for the man cave!

4. Sevenhugs Smart Remote

This list would not be complete without a smart home device and the Sevenhugs Smart Remote ties all your smart devices together for easy access, control, and connectivity. The remote is probably the most sacred item in any man cave and often the most complex until now. Just simply point the Sevenhugs Smart Remote to the device you wish to control and the interface for that device will appear on the remote for you to control. I consider $299 a bargain for this incredible remote that will be available this fall.

5. Here One Earbuds

I had to have at least on wearable on the list and the Here One packs so much technology in a tiny device that it had to be included. I was amazed by the ability to cancel out noise directionally and the audio transparency mode capability. Guys now truly can have selective hearing that many wives and girlfriends claim most men have anyway. Ease dropping mode… Really! That sounds like some Dick Tracy type action and the actually sound is great too. Can’t wait to get a pair of these for 300 bucks in February.

6. LG ProBeam Projector With Smart TV

LG ProBeam-Projector

No man cave should be without a home projector because sometimes you want to watch the game on a bigger screen. The LG ProBeam Projector portability allows you to adjust your screen size from 48 to 100 inches without losing picture quality. The projector’s ability to function as a smart TV and connect bluetooth speakers, separates it from other projectors. The LG ProBeam will be available in March and set you back about $1500.

7. Aura Home Security

The innovation alone puts this device in the list. The Aura Home Security device allows you to secure your home or room without the use of cameras or motion sensors because it uses the wireless signals that already exist in your home to detect abnormal activity. This innovation is brilliant because it addresses the privacy concerns some may have with cameras constantly capturing your every move. I would gladly fork over $400 in February for this product.